Trusted AdvisOr

Our management team of Nathan Ruskin and Pasandi Gunasekera are here to partner with you in providing advice and assist you with your compliance matters.  


 meet our MAnagement team

We have achieved this through our collective 45 years of highly technical professional experience as well as the personal experiences we have enjoyed from developing and nurturing past client relationships throughout the various stages of our careers. 

We work with other respected advice partners so we can provide a holistic service to meet your needs.

We are first and foremost all about you.


We invite you to take a journey  with us. Together, as your trusted advisor and you, as our respected client, knowing that your best interests are always at the forefront of our mind.

Our integrity, objectivity and technical expertise will allow you to worry less about compliance so we can together concentrate on developing and growing your business through our close association with you and your business.

Our experience and passion for the work we do, shows in the quality of our results.


As your trusted advisor, we believe maintaining quality professional relationships will lead to better knowledge and understanding of your business that will inevitably lead to your future growth and success.

We are passionate about protecting you from both the myriad of pitfalls that exist under increasingly complex taxation laws, as well as assisting in the growth and profitability of your business through our business advisory services.